Fermented Papaya Promotes Your Hair Growth!!

Fermented Papaya Promotes Your Hair Growth

Papaya is one of the widely consumed fruit worldwide due to its high nutrients, vitamins and mineral contents. It is mostly consumed as a digestive agent, anti-oxidative, anti-diabetic and also immunity enhancing agents. Papaya is a rich source of several phytochemicals and polyphenols. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium etc. are abundantly found in this miracle fruit. These rich sources of phytochemicals are also highly beneficial to our hair and skin. These antioxidant rich polyphenols strengthen hair roots, add shine and make it smooth and silky. The carotenoid present in it repairs the damaged hair and protects hair from further damage by providing hydration to it. The rich sources of minerals improve manageability and natural shine of the hair.

Fermentation is one of the ancient technologies mostly used for preservation of foods and wine making. Conversion of curd from milk, pickles is few examples of using fermentation technology in food preservations. The fermentation process break downs these phytochemicals into more simple compounds and many other beneficial compounds which are beneficial to our health and skins. Preparation from Fermented Papaya with yeast fermentation is a natural health food that is commercially sold in Japan. There are several researches worldwide indicating the beneficial effects of these fermented papaya extracts. It has anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory properties. These fermented preparations are highly anti-oxidant rich and prevents reactive oxygen species related diseases.

Recently, Kuniyoshi Shimizu and his team from Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan identified and isolated a first time in world hair growth stimulating compound in fermented papaya extract. The researchers have identified a novel aliphatic ester- hydroxysalicylic acid in fermented papaya extract. Intense scientific analysis has been carried out and assayed for its anti-oxidant activity and it’s Potent Hair Growth Promoting Activity. The researchers concluded that this novel compound may be a promising candidate for management of baldness and alopecia treatment. The research team is currently engaged in more intense research in finding the mechanism of action of this novel compound.

Ready to Use Product in Market!

Breww Therapeutics, a startup company initiated by group of scientists based at Mohali, Punjab, India is working in this technology and launched their ready to use, first time in world formulation “Breww Hair Serum with Fermented Banana and Papaya” which is available in online e-commerce sites like Amazon (https://www.amazon.in/Breww-Hair-Growth-Protection-Dandruff-Control/dp/B09QSNJFLX). This is a silicone free, water based, anti-oxidant rich, natural product without any side effects for daily use. It detangles and controls your frizz within 15 seconds using natural silica present in banana.


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