Fermented Banana for Hair: Healthy Diet for Hair!!

Fermented Banana for Hair1

Banana is one of the cheapest fruits in the world which is rich in minerals and vitamins and has many benefits for skin and hair. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium which strengthen hair roots, add shine and make it smooth and silky. It also contains a carotenoid known as pro-vitamin A which repairs damaged hair and protects hair from further damage. It provides hydration to the damaged and dried hair which improves manageability and natural shine of the hair. It is absolutely safe for hair and skin since it is a natural remedy and there are no side effects.

In this post, you will learn

  • How to use banana mask for hair
  • Benefits of banana mask for hair

How to make it


2 ripe bananas

1 table spoon honey/1 egg/Olive oil (whichever available in home)


Mash the bananas in a bowl until you have a soft and creamy paste.

Add the honey or egg or olive oil which is available in home to them and mix.

Apply this mix on slightly scalp, split ends and damp hair and then cover it with a shower cap.

Wash off after half an hour.

Benefits of Banana for Hair


Wash your hair with plain water or chemical free shampoos after applying banana mask without use of conditioner. The texture of the hair will improve by adding elasticity and increasing volume. This will also tame frizzy hair and make it smoother.

Hair Growth

Banana is a rich source of natural antioxidants which reduces hair fall and aid in growth. The minerals particularly potassium and magnesium along with pro-vitamin A help in regeneration of hair and aid faster hair growth. Additionally, presence of Vitamin B and Vitamin C which further help in hair growth.

Protects Hair from Damage and adds Shine and Makes Hair Silky

Presence of natural silica in banana decreases surface friction and improves elasticity. The natural silica adds shine and makes hair soft and silky and additionally shields your hair from further damage.

Cures Dandruff

Research suggests banana has antifungal properties which work against dandruff and help eliminate it.

Fermented Banana

Fermentation is a process of breaking down of complex chemical compounds in natural sources like fruit, vegetables and herbs into simple compounds using micro organisms like bacteria, yeasts etc. which are easily absorbed in our body. Curd is one of the ancient and best examples of natural fermentation of milk using bacteria which enhances its properties. Fermentation increases the shelf life of the product naturally and helps to retain its beneficial compounds over longer duration of time.

How It Works

Research suggests that the fermentation of banana enhances the vitamins and nutrients levels of the plane banana into more health and skin beneficial compounds which is known to promote cell regeneration and keep your skin and hair healthy.

How to Make It

Take 2 bananas; add 2 times more water to it and leave it to soak for 20-30 minutes

Pour the water into a glass bottle, seal it and leave in a dark place at room temperature for 7 days

When a sour smell appears, stop fermentation and put it in the fridge to preserve it.

Although you can try using fermentation of banana in your home but under expert guidance since it is a complex process and requires specialized skills to develop stable formulation for hair

Ready to Use Product in Market!

Breww Therapeutics, a startup company initiated by group of scientists based at Mohali, Punjab, India is working in this technology and launched their ready to use, first time in world formulation “Breww Hair Serum with Fermented Banana and Papaya” which is available in online e-commerce sites like Amazon (https://www.amazon.in/Breww-Hair-Growth-Protection-Dandruff-Control/dp/B09QSNJFLX). This is a silicone free, water based, anti-oxidant rich, natural product without any side effects for daily use. It detangles and controls your frizz within 15 seconds using natural silica present in banana.

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