Female Balding & Calcium Deposits on Scalp!!

Female Balding & Calcium Deposits on Scalp

Calcium is one of the most essential elements for building blocks of our body, particularly for our bone development. It interacts with several enzymes in our body and increase the bone strength. The excess calcium ion after being absorbed in our body from food source is excreted via renal pathways or deposited in bone, blood vessels, hairs and nails. Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals found in our bone and scalp hair. Research suggests that there is more calcium concentration on adult women scalp hair than on adult men (1). Calcium is also deposited on our scalp by external sources like hard water and environmental pollutions. The hard water contains several mineral salts including calcium which can get deposited on our scalp after our head wash.

The calcium deposit on scalp is found to one of the main reason for female pattern of balding. These calcium deposits on scalps have extreme adverse effects on our hair growth cycle. The calcium deposits blocks the pores of the hair follicles which affects the proper blood flow through our scalp. These blood vessels beneath our scalp become stiff and inflexible which results in inadequate supply of essential nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. Reduced blood flow in scalp is one of the root causes of hair thinning, reduced hair growth due to inadequate proper hair growth cycle and ultimately hair loss leading to balding or alopecia. These calcium deposits blocks the pores of hair follicles which further decreases the sebum production on scalp. Sebum or natural oil from scalp helps in moisturizing our scalp and prevents from dandruff, itching and other scalp disorders. Hence this calcification on our scalp has long term side effects on our healthy scalp and hair growth.

Several researchers across the world found that magnesium is one of the vital elements which regulate proper calcium balance in our body and reducing the side effects like heart problems, kidney stones and scalp calcifications. Magnesium is found to dissolve the excess calcium from our body and converts it in more bioavailable form in our blood (2). Researchers suggests intake of more magnesium riched fruits and vegetables in our daily diet plan.

Banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits around the world which is a rich source of magnesium. Banana can suffice around 8% of total recommended daily intake of mineral in form of magnesium. Magnesium is found to be very effective for maintaining proper hair growth cycle in our body. It helps for protein synthesis in our body and enhances blood flow in our hair follicles. Magnesium oil available in market has been found effective against muscle pain, muscle relaxation, hair problems and as an alternate for health supplements.

Breww Therapeutics, a startup company based in Mohali, Punjab, India is exploring these immense beneficial elements from natural sources and developing novel formulations first time in world products. Breww Hair Serum is one of the novel product comprising banana and papaya fermented ciders for hair fall control, dandruff control and hair growth in completely aqueous based, harm full chemical free hair serum base for daily use basis.

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